iKultLab summer music camp in Austria – join us now!

Get inspired by artists and professors in Vienna
Join us in the music camp in the Raabs Castle, Austria
(22 July – 3 August, 2015)


Established in 1817, the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, mdw) is now among the world’s largest and most renowned universities specialised in the performing arts of music, theatre and film.  Besides providing training to professional musicians, mdw launched the iKultLab summer music camp for children and youngsters to inspire their artistic talents since 2014.

Seeking to inspire young people’s creative and holistic interest in music in a broad approach, the iKultLab summer music camp is a collaboration among the education, composition and ethnomusicology departments of mdw.  With participants from Austria and Asia living together in a castle for 7 days, the iKultLab runs highly interactive courses on various musical elements – from soundpainting, movements and dance, electronic sound resources experiments, visual arts, to ethnomusicology.  Subversive to typical Asian pedagogy, participants will create their own music and improvise, while deepening their understanding and appreciation of the meaning of music.  The week-long learning will conclude with a graduation concert in Vienna, while sightseeing activities will be arranged for Vienna and Salzburg.

For participants whose families would like to come along and attend the graduation concert, a family’s itinerary is also available.  Family members will visit nearby old towns in Central Europe while the music camp is taking place in Austria, and the two groups will join together for the graduation concert and sightseeing activities in Austria.



July 22 | Flight from Hong Kong to Vienna
July 23 | cultural sightseeing in Vienna, the world’s music capital
July 24-30 | iKultLab summer music camp at Burg Raabs an der Thaya
July 31 | graduation ceremony and concert in Vienna
August 1 | cultural sightseeing in Salzburg, Mozart’s hometown
August 2 | Sightseeing in Vienna; flight from Vienna to Hong Kong
August 3 | Arrival in Hong Kong

Teaching Team
Johannes Kretz | electronic music and composition / professor, mdw
Kun-Cheng Shih | choreography, dance, dance training / visiting professor, mdw
Wei-ya Lin | ethnomusicology, viola / lecturer and doctoral candidate, mdw
Samu Gryllus | soundpainting, jazz pedagogy and performance / composer and soundpainting master
Marko Kölbl | ethnomusicology, piano / doctoral candidate, mdw
Mahdieh Bayat | painting, visual arts / curator of aNOther festival
Hui Ye | sound technology / audio-visual artist and composer


Target Participants
Aged 10-18; it is NOT necessary that participants can play an instrument

English; assisted with German, Mandarin and Cantonese

Fee: HK$39,800
offered to maximum 20 pax from Hong Kong

Optional personal lessons (50 minutes each) at a separate cost:
Piano / vocal – HKD$2,400 for 3 lessons
Violin / viola / cello / electronic or acoustic guitar – HKD1,600 for 2 lessons
Music theory and composition / Body movements and dance – HKD2,000 for 2 lessons
Painting and visual arts – HKD1,500 for 2 lessons

For accompanying families

July 22-23 | Same as iKultLab itinerary above
July 24 | Vienna -> Hallstatt -> Bad Ischl -> St Gilgen
July 25 | St Gilgen -> Český Krumlov
July 26 | Český Krumlov -> České Budějovice -> Prague
July 27 | Prague
July 28 | Prague -> Bratislava
July 29 | Bratislava -> Budapest
July 30 | Budapest -> Szentendre -> Vienna
July 31-August 3 | Same as iKultLab itinerary above

Fee: HK$35,800
offered to minimum 4 pax and maximum 8 pax

Deadline for registration: April 15, 2015

We apologise that information and brochures are available in Chinese and German only.  For details and registration, please call us at 2110 4355 or via email admin@pontemusica.org.

iKultLab website (German / Chinese)
iKultLab facebook page
mdw official website